Net 3000

Net 3000 Accessories Available!

Net 2000

1. The Most Advanced and Sophisticated Auricular Therapy Device2. Micro-Current Stimulator3. Software Driven with Microprocessor

4. Enhanced LCD Display to Guide Functions

5. 8 Independent Functions in One Device

6. NET-II, Nogier’s and Erfan’s Frequencies Combine

7. NET-Nogier’s 7 Frequenciesd (Old NET-II Version)

8. Electroacupuncture Function

9. Body Points Detection and Treatment Without Needles

10. TENS Function with Specially Designed Probe

11. Facial Stimulation with the Probe, Eyes, Face, Neck (optional

12. Cranial Nerve Stimulation with Headset (optional)

13. Nogier’s and Erfan’s Frequencies, Treatment with Headset (optional)

Unit Price: $1,195.00 + $35.00 S&H (includes insurance)

Acupuncture Leads (included)

Additional Accessories:

  • Headset $100.00
  • Facial Probe $100.00

★The NET-3000 has a manufacturer 90-day unconditional replacement warranty against electrical/ mechanical failure. The company operates with no refund policy.

Simply call (301) 251-2335

Net 2000