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Alternative Medicine Center

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Dr. Soliman M.D. offers evening hours for the convenience of working households. All patients are seen at the Rockville, MD office by appointment only.

Appointment hours are typically Monday-Thursday 3:45 -7:00 pm

There is generally someone in the office to answer calls Monday-Thursday 10:15AM-1:45PM

We ask that you call during these times to arrange appointments or to verify that the office is open before picking up orders.

Alternative Medicine Seminars

Alternative Medicine Seminars are conducted in the DMV area on weekends for the convenience of busy practitioners. Please refer to the Seminar Schedule to see when Dr. Soliman is teaching next.

Auricular Medicine Course

Meridian MediSpa

Clients are seen by appointment only at our MediSpa near Shady Grove Hospital in Maryland. Please call to schedule an appointment. (301) 251-2335

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14955 Shady Grove Road

Suite 250

Rockville, MD 20850