Auricular Therapy Seminar

Auricular Therapy Seminar

Paul Nogier
Nogiers Frequencies

(Basic & Advanced 3-phase)


$400.00* If registered 30 days before seminar date

$500.00* thereafter

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*Includes a pocket size atlas ($60.00 value), an extensive seminar syllabus, light breakfast, light lunch & refreshments

Learn the entire Auricular Therapy system. Why settle for only a fraction of it?

The acupuncture microsystem of the ear is one of the most sophisticated tools that could be used for both

diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Since its introduction in the 1950’s by Dr. Paul Nogier of France, this method has gained unprecedented popularity among acupuncture practitioners.

Auricular Therapy, Three Phases of Nogier, Seven Frequencies of Treatment

This seminar will introduce practitioners to the fundamental basics of

    • auricular therapy
    • 3 phases of Nogier
    • 7 frequencies of treatment.

In this course, practitioners will learn how to use this system to gain vital information that will help in formulating accurate energetic diagnosis. Through the three phase system, the practitioner will learn the various projections of the body organs on the ears which will provide a strong tool for treatment far exceeding the results obtained by using the simpler functional Chinese ear acupuncture system. Learning the 7 Nogier frequencies will add greater dimensions for treatment effectiveness. This unique system will be a potent addition to your contemporary biomedical or medical acupuncture practice

Ear Needles

Auricular Therapy Course Outline



Historical perspectives

Anatomy & embryology of the ear

Nogier's discovery


The acupuncture microsystem/ Holographic memory

Somatotopy of the ear

Auricular Phases (Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3)

Mesodermal organs Somatotopy

Clinical practice of point identification and treatment



Lunch (provided)


Endodermal Organs Somatotopy

Ectodermal organs Somatotopy

Clinical practice of point identification and treatment


Clinical practice of point identification and treatment

Energetic blockages (identification & treatment)



Clinical applications of three-phase auricular therapy

Indications & contraindications

Clinical applications of three-phase auricular therapy

Auricular consultation

Treatment principles

Clinical Practice


Introduction to the 7 Nogier frequencies and zones

Treating right or left ear

Needles, electrical devices, laser devices, magnets, beads, pellets

Clinical Practice


Lunch (provided)


Treating medical conditions


Psychomental disoders

Insert Ear Needles


Auricular Medicine Introduction