Spider Vein Elimination

Presence of superficial veins on the legs (telangiectasia) is a cosmetic problem that troubles millions of patients. Most physicians concur that laser therapy alone may not be sufficient to clear the veins in most cases. However, in conjunction with sclerotherapy, laser treatments can often be instrumental in clearing post-sclerotherapy capillary matting, and obtaining an excellent and lasting result.

Small, superficial red veins can be successfully treated with the VLS pulsed dye laser at frequencies ranging from 10-14 J/cm2, 595 nm wavelength, over three treatments over monthly intervals, followed by a fourth treatment six months after the first1.

Please note that other types of photothermal therapy (non-laser) have specifically been reported to have a low success rate.

1Described by Mark F. Blumenthal, MD, 1997

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